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Hi there! I’m Krunnie, a 21-year-old developer from Poland that lives in the United States. I have been on Roblox since 2013 and started developing in 2014. I mainly do clothing designing, translations, building, and logo designing.


You can read about my translation services here.




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Logo Design

Graphics work

And all other banners in this portfolio




Roblox Animations



Community Managment

From 2014 until 2019 I was an owner of a Facebook group dedicated to Roblox for the Polish member of the community. I was in charge of events, moderation, social media for the group, and branding. At the time of the group’s closure, we were at a little over 15 000 members and were considered one of the top Roblox Poland groups.

During 2018 - 2019 I have worked as an Application Reader for Hidden Developers while also interacting with the community and helping with running and moderating the community.

Starting Sept. 2020 until the Present, I am an admin and Social Media Manager for 7Levels. My job is to coordinate server moderators as well as run their social media campaigns.

I will not work for you if:

  1. You don’t know what you want exactly. It’s your job to provide me with all of the necessary information.
  2. You’re asking me to work on something that might be taken down due to a DMCA claim later on.
I have the right to drop your commission whenever I see it fit.

Due to the pandemic, I'm available in different times. Please reach out to me and I'll reply whenever I'll be able to.

I accept Robux and USD via PayPal (prefered). All my prices are negotiable.

Base prices (USD calculated with DevEx conversion):

Clothing - 1k Robux+ or DevEx equivalent per asset

Logos - 1k Robux + or DevEx equivalent per design

Translations - 50 Robux per word/cell or DexEx equivalent (more info in the translations portfolio)

Building - minimum of 1k Robux + or DevEx equivalent

Animations - 5k Robux for 30-second animations or DexEx equivalent

Models - 500 Robux per asset or DevEx equivalent

You can catch me on Discord: KoiBoi#0919 as well as on Twitter

Portfolio Updated as of 5/19/2021


I LOVE IT!!! You seem very experienced and I love the “Punk of all Trades” thing! Nice work! I will definitely consider hiring you if I need it!